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When I am on my way to Gospel Meeting with my Dad and Team , I see a lot of homeless people and see how they are cold and have nothing. This makes me so sad. When the weather is really bad, like this year, I just wish somehow I could help them stay warm and happy.
A hot cup of tea/coffee, cosy bed, lots of blankets and loving family members make our winters warm and comfortable.
But for hundreds of homeless people living on the streets in our area (throughout World), winters mean harsh and chilly nights, inadequate covering, illness, thus adding onto their daily battle for survival.
I have started distributing blankets this season since past few years.Yesterday I had gone to Narasapur market area midnight @ 12 AM . On my way, saw many people sleeping on the roadside pavements, under the bridge & flyover, on the road dividers and even on/under bus-stop seats. Some of them had blankets to cover themselves (but definitely not enough to beat the chilly weather), some barely had a sheet or cloth piece, some only had plastic sheets to wrap themselves and some had nothing. There was a man who had covered upper half of his body with his Shirt as probably that was the only warm thing he had. It was a heart-rending sight. I felt as if I had never experienced low temperature.
I could give blankets to only some of the people as I dint have enough last night . I had to return with the images of expecting eyes in my heart and minds but I did promise my selves to go again with more blankets todaynight.