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Want To Be The Reason For Others’ Happiness!!!

I want to take a bit of liberty to share my views with you all regarding my social work .
Friends I’m doing various types of Christian activities still , Love to help the poor Its Makes Me Happy (Philippians 4:19 ). from my business profits . (I’m doing handicrafts business/ handmade items designer ), I like very much to serving to disabled people irrespective of caste and creed .
Every new year on 31st night I would reach the disabled people and the people who are sleeping on the pavements , bus stations and railways stations and at temples without shelter . I distribute some fruits , warm blankets along with precious leaflets about Jesus Christ which reviles salvation .
This work has been continuously running from 5 years . but I didn’t satisfy with this work because our mighty God given me more burden about these people . therefore I want to do it more regularly for disabled and hapless, Idolaters people who had never heard about Jesus and show them Christian love as Jesus shown to such people and bring them unto Jesus.
firstly I made survey and recognized such people . because such people are unable to earn for their lively food . my desire is to make them to know who is our savior and what He did for us on Calvary .
but now I like to share with you one thing only which is I like most n always gives me lot of strength and courage …. Twice in a week I distribute lunch packets for disabled beggars, who are not able to go and begged for them self’s. old aged , neglected by their own children , disabled . Every Tuesday and Friday I distribute them lunch packets, leaflets and Christian magazines. . please pray for this work continue .
for this work I gave up my luxury I have to cut my amount from purchasing as well wastage of money and I also avoid pleasure trips , parties with friends by saving this money im utilizing for the sake of this service .
I got hope that this matter may inspire you all . I don’t want to boast my self . it is only for encouraging you to do the same in your limitations , I wish you all good success in endeavors of Gods glory . He that hath a bountiful eye shall be blessed; for he giveth of his bread to the poor. Proverbs 22:9.
We are here to encourage each other with our aims and good deeds and to pray and to do good and help to others that who are needy . I also learnt more from here through one friend about fasting prayers and many more even this program is also I started with her guidance / encouragement and prayers I was blessed spiritually too.
This way is very honor to God . we also be blessed by God . I have the tasted the joy in giving then to receive .
This service was started 3 years back by this month it has to be complete and entered into 4th year by His grace only , please pray for services to go on in coming years also . It is more blessed to